May 7, 2012


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Al shabaab


Last twenty one yeas, Somalia has been suffering failed state. Since 2006, the country has faced an insurgency led by Al Shabab, one of Africa’s most fearsome militant Islamist groups. They controlled part of south Somalia. Islamist insurgents - including the Al-Shabab group, which later declared allegiance to al-Qaeda and in 2012 announced its merger with the global Islamist terrorist group - fought back against the government and Ethiopian forces, regaining control of most of southern Somalia by late 2008. They took numerous kidnappings to the war, and not only they kidnap children, but also pirate. Last few years, there were some kidnapping cases from Somalia on news. The backdrop this all played out against in 2011 was a punishing drought that caused famine, killed livestock, destroyed crops and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Epidemics of cholera and measles then preyed on the malnourished and vulnerable populations huddled in camps. With the Shabab having withdrawn from the city in August, the only superpower left in the capital was the African Union, with 10,000 troops (soon to be 17,000), as well as tanks, artillery and armored personnel carriers chugging up and down the streets.

1) Location

2) Target group(s)

3) Perpetrator(s)
Al-Shabab, and al-Qaeda

4) Leader(s)
Ibrahim al-Afghani
And Osama bin Laden (Ayman al-Zawahiri took over right after bin Laden was dead.)

5) Year(s)
Since 1991 -

6) Approximate deaths
Lifetime risk of maternal death (1 in 14)
Intrapartum stillbirth rate (per 1,000 births) (14)
Neonatal mortality as % of under-5 mortality (29)

7) 3 main contributing factors
People were not satisfy with their government, and the main reason would be, Somalia has been under Great Britain for a long time. When they let it go, the war start. Whatever the official government or the transition government, both could not satisfy their people. Some how the country is dangerous everywhere. Wherever you go, you have to hire bunch of people to go, if you don't mind to be robber at the middle of the rode.

8) A general synopsis of what happened
After great British return the Somalia nation back to Italy, there is a big disagreement with the government. There is a number of people came across to take down the government, and there has been about nine years without government. Years later they reform the new government, but the rebellion start another war. Al-Shabab which is the association were form by numbers of young people. They were people who take down the government, and they controls the south Somalia. Until now they still have people fighting on the street. Those who in the association were called fighter.

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